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“Best of on demand” TV package and Netflix Standard

Just Moved In
Does anyone know what is included in the “Best of on demand” TV package? I can’t find an actual list of what I get within this package. When I signed up they roped me into getting a TV package along with my Internet by offering me this “loyalty” bundle.

My next question is: When I look in my app it shows Netflix Standard is included but it doesn’t show how I can access it. Going to the Netflix channel it’s asking me to log in but I have no login info and no option to connect through my service provider.

I’m so lost, hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

I expect you login to the Netflix with your MyTelus credentials. This, of course needs to be done from within the Telus Sphere of services, and not on Netflix directly.


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I can’t seem to find anywhere within Telus to do this. There’s no option within My Telus account. When I go to the Netflix channel on my box it just gives me the option to sign up and it won’t load the payment options, just gives an error