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Audio receiver control


I've gone through the steps to successfully link my brand of audio receiver to the OPTV remote and the volume controls works fine.

However when I press the power button on the remote (expecting all my devices to turn off) only the TV and Telus portal turn off and the audio receiver remains on.

Is this normal or do I not have the correct code selected to provide this function?

It is a Pioneer receiver and I used the process of holding down the Mute and 4 (for Pioneer), then the right side of the pad, OK once I verified the volume worked.

My previous remote from Shaw (which I still have to use to turn the power on/off now) did function properly to turn the TV and audio receiver on/off together.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The newest one that comes with the new OPTIK TV equipment. On the website it's called the "Telus TV Remote". The other 3 listed are Slimline 2, Slimline, and Classic which it is none of those.

Did you ever find a fix to this? My receiver also does not turn off but the TV and Cable box does when pressing the power button on the Telus remote. Volume was programmed the same way you did and works. My previous Shaw remote also turned on/off all 3 three things (TV, Receiver, Cable Box).

Nope. Gave up trying to get Telus to help.
This system has sooooo many other problems that this was a minor inconvenience in comparison I just keep using my Shaw remote for the power on/off.

Alright. Thanks for the quick reply though.

With Shaw I just needed the one remote and put away the rest. Now I have the Telus remote, receiver remote and my Apple TV box remote. TV remote is also nearby just in case.

Lol, yup,, same here. I wish this was the only problem. Much bigger ones. New ones every week.