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i used to be with Shaw up to recently, and changed over because the channel selection seemed better. I have since noticed the audio quality is very inferior to Shaw cable. If I watch Netflix (or anything) through my bluray player as opposed to the Telus box it's great. The display on my Yamaha processor shows Dolby Digital, but from the Telus box it's a very highly compressed sound in comparison, and when loud scenes come up it's like my amp is on midnight mode, and the sound is very compressed. It was never like this with Shaw. I spoke with the Telus agent and the person made some changes but said that was all they could do, but it didn't do much. Anyone else experiencing this or have made a comparison as I have?

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With Telus everything except normal TV is alot quieter. If I watch netflix I have to have it 5 decibals louder than normal optik tv. Same with other apps.

Stingray music is even worse. It sounds absolutely flat. I don't even think my sub picks up the bass signal. Which is too bad cause the vibe channels have great variety. To get it to sound right I have to turn it up 15-20 dcbs over regular optik tv.

In all fairness to Telus I think Shaw was the same with there music channels..........which I dont understand why they cant fix that. Puzzling.

I noticed it's not only quieter but it's compressed. In loud passages where there's lots of action, the impact disappears, dialogue is muffled, and you lose everything good effects are there for.
If Telus can't fix their issues and stop bragging about the less than great performance I'll be going back with Shaw. This was a huge downgrade being a movie watcher with a projector and a higher end audio system.
Thanks for sharing I'm not the only one with this issue