PVR - recordings are blank

Came back after a few days away from home, had to reset all our boxes due to technical issues. Lost all of our scheduled recordings (eg what was supposed to record tonight didn’t). Also when trying to access older recordings (pre-reset), it plays but it’s just a black screen.
Rebooted the PvR again and got a message along the lines of “unable to access some recordings as they belong to a different user”. Haven’t switched users ever. Recently had tech support over to switch us to Fibre as the wiring was recently installed in our neighbourhood.
Haven’t called tech support yet. Won’t have time for a few days so hoping I can get some advice here. Thanks.
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Community Power User

The older recordings not working may have been a result of the switch to fibre. There was another recent discussion on the forums for a similar issue, though I can't seem to find it right now. If it was from the switch, the older recordings won't be recoverable as they're encrypted and tied to the old PVR registration / ID.

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That happened to me when I got the fibre, but somehow tech support got them back. I think it would be important to make a fuss immediately and not go ahead with new recordings.