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4k Optik TV Box no longer connects to T-3200 via NIC

Friendly Neighbour

A really strange problem occurred this past week, and I can't seem to figure out why one of my OptikTV boxes just stopped working suddenly.


We use two 4k Optik TV boxes connected to a T-3200.  One is connected via Coax and one via Ethernet NIC into Port 3 of the T-3200.  It's worked just fine for a couple of years now, but earlier this week, the box connected via NIC has stopped working.  I swapped the Optik TV Boxes to see if one was fried but the Coax connection seems to work just fine with either Box.  The ethernet connection seems to be wonky.  I've tried other ports on the T-3200 and no luck.  Lots of blinking light traffic between the T-3200 and the NIC connected box on every port.  I connected my laptop to the T-3200 and all the settings seem OK to me, but I did see that a new Firmware revision (31.164L.22) was uploaded into the T-3200 on April 20, 2021.  I'm wondering if I should downgrade my firmware back to the previous version (31.164L.18) to see if this fixes the issue?


For clarity, we only use the T-3200 modem for OptikTV and WiFi is turned off.  I bridge Port 1 from the T-3200 into my home network setup which has a more stable Linksys MIMO gaming router for my kids to connect to, and a Netgear switch that connects our home server rack, A/V Rack and all the rooms in our house via Cat6 cable.   I might try resetting the router to factory default after the kids go to bed to see if that corrects the issue.



Friendly Neighbour

Fixed the problem.   After resetting the T-3200 to default conditions, I reconfigured it and disassembled the entire Optik TV system from my home AV Network to test all the individual components.  After starting up every device with a direct HDMI connection into TV via coax and ethernet, I started rebuilding my AV Network and located the problem.  There was some sort of a handshake issue through the AV Network to my main TV.  When I bypassed my Denon AV receiver to the TV and got an HDMI handshake, i switched to the AV Receiver and everything was working fine once again.  Good think I had a spare 50 ft. HDMI cable handy.