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unbelievable disregard for the customer

Just Moved In

I wondered if anyone else has had this experience with renewing a telus mobile account. My husband was contacted when our last contract was almost expired.  We were given an amazing offer that included brand new phone upgrades and an excellent monthly bill.  We thought it was too good to be true and unfortunately when my husband got back to the sales rep and ordered a new phone for my daughter the fabulous deal no longer existed.  We told them to forget it because the new contract was not what we had been promised but a new phone had already been sent out to us.  A few days later we were called by the salesman who is given the job of getting back clients who have left Telus.  He made us a decent contract offer and we said we would sign up again.  My husband then asked if the first phone needed to be sent back and the sales rep said to keep it as it would be the same phone coming with this contract.  Three months pass and today all four of our phones were not working.  We had been sent absolutely no notice and had no idea what was wrong.  After going down to the Telus store my husband was informed that because we didn't send my daughters phone back (the one we were told not to) we were charged $1150 and had to buy the phone out.  As well we were informed that the phone my husband had used originally and had paid on for two years was actually on a "bring it back plan" which nobody ever clarified in any of the numerous conversations that he went through in the new contract negotiations.  He was told that he was required to pay $460 for that phone which by this point he had sold for $200 dollars months ago.  So as of May 11th we owed $1530 dollars.  WE HAD NO IDEA!  We were never sent a bill or made known of the charges.  We pay our bill every single month but this charge was never sent to us because this contract was closed - even though our address and name on the monthly bill is exactly the same.  So today we were told that we had to pay $1700 to get our phones activated when we never once were made aware of any of this or sent any notice of any kind.  My husband uses his phone for work and had no choice but to pay the whole amount.  The telus phone representative that the Telus store employee called was unwilling to work with us in any way.  In this economy who has an extra $1700 dollars they can spend in a moments notice like this? For a company whose field of expertise is communication could there be a better example of lack of communication as this one?  Tomorrow we will get the end date of our contract in writing so when the date arrives we can cancel all of our Telus accounts.  We have finally reached our limit of bullying and disregard for the client and can no longer give our hard earned money to a company that could care less for its patrons.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have, and we'd definitely like to look into it for you. We can arrange for a callback from our team to investigate this if you wish. To do so, we'd need to verify your account for security purposes, so send us a message over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can begin the process, thanks.

Friendly Neighbour
I'm sorry to say this, but it sounds like a human error on BOTH ends. Always read the contract and ask questions before you sign it. Screw ups happen like this sometimes, but to say you guys were bullied is a gross overexaggeration. I've never had any issues with Telus. Any little thing that comes up is promptly dealt with by them, and I make sure I ask lots of questions just to be sure.