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Taking Phone Number with me from Business Mobility to Personal Mobility

Just Moved In

I recently bought a new phone and plan under a new Personal Mobility Account.

My existing phone is with Business Mobility on a Business Mobility Account.

I would like to take my existing phone number to my new phone (the business account is scheduled to terminate in a couple days).

This does not seem to be a number porting situation and trying to transfer the number results in an error saying that the umber is a Telus phone number, which is true.

So how can I proceed and take my existing Business Mobility phone number with me to the consumer side???

I was told about "Towning it Over", but I can't find any reference to that. Anybody having any suggestions?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Is the business account owned by an employer or would you have control over it? 

"TOWN'ing" refers to "Tranfer of Ownership" and makes sense if you own the account or have the owner give verbal approval of the transfer of the number over the phone.