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Etransfer scam?

Just Moved In
I got a text message "A return of:$119.62 is now arranged, to receive your return see: (website)

*Data rates may apply."
When I clicked the link it said it was from telus and to select my bank and then put my banking information in but it seemed fishy, my phone provider is Koodo but there have been no recent emails from them

Community Power User
Community Power User

@xCas   Definitely a scam DO NOT enter your personal info. You can forward the text to 7726 and report it.


@xCas  Report this to  (  They will look into it hope you still have on your mail and they might get back to you. With a thankyou Polecay


I agree with @WestCoasterBC  and @polecat, it's definitely a scam.

Never click on the links in an unexpected email or SMS message regardless of who they claim to be.

Never enter any information on a web site that doesn't show the lock icon next to the URL.

When looking for a website do not guess at the URL, do a google search on the company name. Small typos or variations on well known company URLs can take you to a scam web site set up specifically to catch that.