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Credit due

Just Moved In
Recently got a new phone (sept) finally have my $10/month applied to my acct.. (after 2 billing cycles ) I am owed the 2 months that Telus said I would receive when I pitched the phone ..
I have spoken to three different agents .. the last said the missing credit would be applied at the end of my contract .. say what?!?
Ummm no thx could I have it now plz ? Currently only paying the amt was quoted when I got the new one phone.
I cannot go through the explanation for a 4th time to an Agent ..
good lord could I speak to a supervisor and just get the 20$ish back now and not wait for 22 more months?!?
It was confirmed by an agent “we forgot to apply it)


@Tired This is a forum made up of Telus customers. You're going to have to deal with this through Telus customer suppoert