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Just Moved In

I received an alert from Credit Karma that a new activity occurred on August 18, 2022.


Upon review, I noted that Met Credit is a collection company that has added a collection to my credit bureau of $8975 on behalf of TELUS.


Before this, I never received any verbal or written notice that anything was pending or collected. Today, on August 22, 2022, Monday, I called them to inquire about the entry. An agent told me they don't have anything to share; on the contrary, the agent said she would request the paperwork from TELUS.


I am disappointed that they just added such an extensive collection to my account, affecting my credit score to provide any documentation or bill.


My TELUS account was closed in 2017. TELUS never reached out claiming any balance on my account, and now all of a sudden, without any backup, they claim that I owe them $8975. It's not a loan or line of credit; it's just a monthly telephone bill.


I called TELUS, and they have no answer to my questions; all they said was that the account is transferred to the collection, and the collection company said they have nothing to share unless TELUS sent them the bills or any document of an attempt to reach out to me


The agent was unwilling to help because she knew I had no choice but to pay or settle. After all, now this collection is in my bureau. I consider this bullying and harassment


They made only one attempt on January 27, 2022, via email, which went to my Junk mail demanding to pay immediately without any backup.



If your account was closed in 2017 and TELUS waited until Aug 2022 before they sent the account owing to a collection agency, this means you've had 5 years to pay it. Any company that gives you 5 years has been more than generous IMO.


$8975 is not a trivial amount to just "forget" to pay. It probably includes late penalties but the original bill still must have been substantial.