20 years straight with Telus spent over $20,000 = 0 in loyalty benifits


Just letting people know that I have been with Telus mobility for 20 years straight. I asked loyalty department can you do anything for me in regards to a new refurbished for free or almost free phone.. nope ... You would think after 20 years and approx $20,000 spent on just mobile phone services ( I am also a long time home user)  I might just be given a refurbished s9 that is retailing for $595 she said should could give $100 off of the refurbished phone  but I had to take a 2 year contact.

Anyway just letting people know that if I get ZERO benefits from staying with Telus for 20 years you are not going to get any appreciation. 

well time to start shopping around!
Take care all!


Although I can understand the feeling of not being appreciated, I also know TELUS and other providers are running a business. My family, friends, and myself have been a customer of Rogers, Bell, and now Telus. They always have me (the tech of the family) research and see what deals they can get. In my opinion, I feel that the TELUS loyalty department does a good job as far as providing solutions. They may not give us exactly what we want, but they will provide you with discounted plans, or as you mentioned $100 off a new device. They offer other things too, it just depends on how much info you provide them so they can formulate the perfect setup for your needs. For example, if you have TELUS Mobility & Home Services, they have additional discounts they can add. If you add Telus Smart Home Security, or ADT by Telus, you are eligible for even more discounts. 

I too remember the days of FREE phones, however if you look closer, it makes sense why phones are no longer "FREE".


  • In the past cellphone providers hid the cost of the phone financing in the plan itself. TELUS is taking a more transparent approach by separating the plan costs & financing.

  • If we look at the price of phones a few years ago, they were under $800. Now we have phones hitting the $2000 mark. Its much harder for them to offer "FREE" phones. 

  • If we look at contracts a few years ago, they were 3 years long, now they are only 2 years. That's one less year in a contract, and 1 less year to split the financing costs.

  • I'm sure if phones dropped down to the $800 mark, contracts were restored to 3 year terms, we would be seeing some possible "Free" phones.


What Is Loyalty?

  • If I ran my own business, I would think the role of a loyalty department is to retain their clients, and offer better pricing or features compared to the competition. If a $100 discount on a new device is a cheaper option than leaving to Bell or Rogers, than I believe they did their job, although I would want more savings...

  • I also have to remember TELUS is a top-tier provider, same with Bell, and Rogers. TELUS loyalty does a great job at beating their prices. Where things get tricky is when you want a top-tier provider to give a loyalty discount which matches or beat a mid-tier provider such as Koodo, Fido, or Virgin. It's now a comparison of Apples and oranges. Mid-tier providers pricing is lower, but they all have the same motto "pay less, get less". With all of these mid-tier companies, they charge for lots of features that TELUS includes for free. Mid-tier providers charge you a fee when you call their phone support, they have lower priority when connecting to towers, higher upfront costs on devices, you cant share data, and you loose bundle discounts, and so much more.


I wish you the best of luck with whichever direction you choose to go 🙂