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what happened to the wonderful service of Telus?

Just Moved In

I have been a Telus customer for close to 20 years. I spent some considerable time looking at the new rates, and they are disappointing. There is no more loyalty from Telus, rate increases that happened regardless of my signed contract, and the current rates and specials are more than Rogers and Bell roughly $25-30 per account. Thank you for the wonderful service in the past, but Telus, you lost my family account today. 


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @KenH, we're sorry to see you go after so many years.  Our loyalty team are eager to help keep long time clients like yours.  It seems like thery were not able to meet your expectations.  Thanks for reaching out to us.  If ever you want to revisit you can always contact Twitter @telussupport or the Facebook page.  Thank you.

Just Moved In

Yea, I agree. I'm currently looking at a new phone and it makes no sense to stay with Telus. Everything has gone up price wise, and the cheapest plan I can get is $85. I switched from bell/mts years ago because of stuff similar to this, but with telus it's way worse. Can't believe I'm going back to Bell. Prices are getting ridiculous.