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Why can't Telus get their billing to match their Reps claims?

Just Moved In

Telus customer service and billing system departments either choose not to communicate with each other or they are incompetent. Telus overcharged me in October and November, I paid the overcharged bills, and their service reps assured me that my bill in December would be near zero (the correct amount due). Now Telus has overcharged me $300 for December too. This saga has been drawn out over three months, four different service reps and Telus still can't get it right. And Telus keeps charging usurious late fees for their mistakes. I'm not sure if I should now report Telus to the CRTC or just change companies.  Any ideas...

Telus has my email if anyone there cares.

p.s. your Optik TV service still has the exact same problems.


Just Moved In
Telus: Please accept my apologies.

I did pay the invoice outstanding last month - just to the wrong company.

I checked my records and Telus did resolve this prickly issue last month.