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Unauthorized account change

Just Moved In

On the 28th of December I had my partner call TELUS regarding our Home Services (Internet). We are relocating from our Apartment to our House, lease ending January 1st and our move in date was starting February 1st at the new place. We had signed up for a two year contract building deal and were approximately 1 year into the contract. We were enjoying the services, the price, and wanted to continue with the services once we relocated in February. We had requested a vacation pause on the account for the month of January as we would be staying in an Air B&B for that month until the renovations were completed. 


I received an email regarding this after the call indicating a $15 charge for the vacation pause, everything seemed normal. On the 4th or so of January my partner received a call informing us that somebody else (The new tenant) had attempted to set up TELUS services for our old unit. We advised them it was due to us moving out and we had called regarding this prior, in fact we specifically asked if it would affect the new tenants and were told no. The call was abrupt and the operator advised us she would 'handle it' and ended the call. 


I called to confirm everything was as expected on the 7th of January and was told by the operator that the call we received on the 4th resulted in the operator varying from their policies and ending the account without approval from the account holder (me). My entire account is cancelled now and I've been told I may receive a larger bill due to the early cancellation. 


I did not request any of this to happen. It's unclear to me what my next step should be - I've been instructed to 'wait and see' if my next/final bill has any additional charges on it and call back to rectify it at that time. It is likely, if I choose to do business with TELUS after this incident, that I will be paying a much higher monthly premium for the same services on top of the unauthorized 'cancellation' fee which as you can imagine isn't making my day. 


Is there a number, an email, or a way to get escalated to somebody in management? The operator acknowledging to me that she has to report this to her manager because the operator strayed from policy tells me everything I need to know but where do I go from here?


Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK, you can’t move a service (account) from one physical location to another; you cancel and start anew. This is especially so if you had a ‘building deal’, which would have been specifically attached to the units in that building. A Vacation Pause assumes returning to restart at the same location. If your Vacation Pause prevents the new tenant in the apartment from obtaining services, I would be unsurprised if your account is cancelled, as it is attached to the physical address.

You will most likely need to follow the process you have started.


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