Telus Communications is sending erroneous "deteriorating trade" to credit reporting agencies


I became a Telus Comm customer almost two years ago. I have never been late or missed a payment on my Telus account.


I have alerts set up on my credit report at TransUnion. Starting in January 2020 and continuing in February and March, Telus Communications has been sending "deteriorating trade" reports to TransUnion and presumably to Equifax indicating that my account has not been kept current three months in a row. I have the statements to show that is false. 


When I contact Telus Customer Service, they tell me it's a TransUnion problem. When I contact TransUnion, they tell me they can only show what Telus sends them regarding my account.


I am stuck, powerless to get this resolved. Based on the fact that the problem has only cropped up in these last three months, I can only assume it's some kind of computer glitch in the Accounts Receivable system at Telus Communications. If that's the case, it must be impacting others.


Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did it get resolved?