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Seniors discounts

Just Moved In

It is the seniors who built this Country. Suggest you give them a 10 % discount ,,across the board. garcon2014, Westbank B C



Did you know that under Canada's anti-discrimination laws, that offering a discount to a particular group, requires it to be given to any other group who asks for it?


Fun to use on Seniors discount Tuesdays.


So you can see where Telus would not do this type of thing.   


Call in to Loyalty and Retention and see if they are nice enough to offer you a 6 month 1/2 price deal, like new users get. Or at least see if any cost savings can be had by changing Telus service plans.



We are all equal, no matter what criteria is used to attempt to destroy equality.



Few years ago, Telus was offering great deals on phone and internet, that was pointed at Chinese people in Canada.  Any people who were not Chinese and asked for the deal, Telus could not refuse the deal.  Shortly after this was pointed out and other people jumped in, Telus killed it. 


Not sure whatever happened to Shaw several years back and their $10 each service, long term deal, that was directed at people in a Novus Fibre building. It was definitely anti-competitive and the government takes notice of a business using its size to rub out the competition. The deal was demanded by other locations of Shaw subscribers, but was denied.



And here we are still complaining about how parts of Canada get a measly default of 1GB of data on our cell phones, yet other parts of Canada get a default of 6GB. Telus/Bell/Rogers portrays it as competition. Others see it as collusion with the competition to avoid higher default data limits, in order to rake in more cash with overages.  At least Telus warns before overage happens, usually.


Working tax payers deserve a discount too. They fund all services that the governments provide.
How about the stay at home moms, they certainly deserve a discount.
Don't forget young graduates just starting out, they could use a break to get themselves established.
I think everyone who participates on this forum should get a discount for helping each other out. Absolutely!

I'd have to think really hard about who doesn't deserve a discount. 🙂