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Price Increase while on a 2 year contract


I'm on a 2 year contract and just received my bill today and noticed that my bill increased $6.30.  My contract isn't up for another 1.5 years.  Has anyone else noticed that their cost has been increasing?  I'll call them this morning to see what's going on.  


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Community Power User

This query comes up every so often. I believe if you look at the contract language, there is an allowance for price increases in the products offered. The contract offering is about the bundles, discounts from regular price and rebates / gifts you receive.

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I called Telus and they said that there was an increase to Internet service and on one channel that I have.  She said that my monthly cost should not have gone up until the service agreement expires and somehow it was not flagged.  She removed the increase and gave me a $50 credit for this month.  

Here we go again.  On my last bill they were supposed to have fixed everything so I would be billed the correct amount going forward.  My December bill arrives today and it shows that they are overcharging me by $20.60. Unbelievable!  Now i have to call in again to get this months bill fixed.