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Massive Increase in my Bill for Service/Change I Did Not Order


Still reeling from this and of course it's Sunday and I can't call Billing.

Bill has gone from $110. to $183. 

Discovered it when I was in my chequing account and noticed an increase last month. I thought $139. was bad but then I checked my Telus Account and $183. is due in April.

Checked emails from Telus and find one Congratulating me on my new services. What?

Then, still logged in, trying to find more info about plans, and Telus says they don't serve my area!

I have a two year contract which expires in about six months.

Wondering if this has happened recently to anyone else?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Any billing issues you’ll have to reach out to Telus to have sorted out. That being said their social media channel on twitter is very fast to respond.

You can reach out to them here. 

Hey, thank you for the reminder. I've reached out to them before with good results. But now that I've passed the outrage phase, I think I'll wait until tomorrow to talk to someone in Billing. Might post an update here. Thanks again!