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Koodo customers: Issues with linking mobility account to home services - $10 discount

Just Moved In
Just like a lot of you, I’ve been on chat and phone for hours and bounced around 6 times, being told a different (contradicting) story each time.
I will keep the story short.

If you are a Koodo customer, you are entitled to receive the $10 discount on your Telus home services.

They will tell you they can’t give it to you unless your mobility account is linked to your my Telus account. That is not true. Also, it is not up to Koodo to apply this discount, do not let them transfer you to them.

The truth is there are no way to link a Koodo account to a Telus account. Insist to have the discount applied manually and to credit you back any overcharge for the previous months. Tell them you read this in the forum!!

Also, a piece of advice is to not let them transfer you. Have them stay on the line and explain on your behalf the situation to the next department. The rep helping me got bounced around 6 times between departments and experienced how bad it was. He was as frustrated as I was and very apologetic.

Not let’s see if the changes are actually applied on my next bill....