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How to use up you reward points


I used points to get a $50 bill discount. But you can only do this once a year. QUESTION can you get more than ONE Telus in store preloaded mastercard or is that once a year also. I want to use the points up - putting on account would be the best but telus rules. Look all over telus rules nothing. I tryed chat they know nothing wanted to sell me some kind of promo to get a $200 card couldn't answer a simple question.  Poor training on telus part. Polecat


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @polecat 


The TELUS Prepaid Mastercards do not have a redemption limit in the Rewards Catalogue. If you look at the Bill Credit catalogue items you'll see the disclaimer about those ones specifically only being available once every 12 months.

@Tai  Thankyou i looked at the site but somehow must have not picked up on that. Went on chat and could not get a simple answer like that answered. Poor training with an accent that really hard to understand. I would have loved to use the points on my account but can't. I understand the stores can.t access the points for us so it's the prepaid credit cards (telus stores only). I will watch their shopping site and maybe there is something i need? Thanks again Polecat