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Amazon gift card rewards are back!


Just an FYI for those who don't subscribe to the TELUS emails.


I just redeemed for a $50 Amazon gift card. Smaller denominations are also available. There is a restriction of 1 gift card every 30 days so I have a reminder set to do redeem again in 30 days. I hope that means Telus intends to keep the Amazon gift cards available for a while.


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Any idea when they might be back in stock?

They went fast. I don't see the $50 gift card listed anymore, just the $25 and $35 which are OOS. I hope that doesn't mean the $50 won't be restocked at all.


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I can still see the $50 but all of them are OOS. Hopefully they restock soon as its a great deal.

I wonder if I don't see it because I already redeemed for the $50 gift card and I'm not allowed to get another one. I have more than 50 reward points so it should be available otherwise.



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I did the same but where is the gift card? Did you get an email?

<p>@Bettybee, log on to your My Telus account and there will be a link to the rewards from the overview of your home account. Once there you can browse&nbsp;<span style="font-family: inherit;">the rewards and filter by Amazon.</span></p>

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Yeah, I was excited to see an email that they were available again (all the other "rewards" are basically useless to me). I tried to redeem for one, it said it was successful and would be emailed. Nothing ever arrived and I kind of forgot about it until they sent an update about how man points I have. It still showed the same amount, like I had not redeemed any. I went back and the $50 certificate was showing "sold out". I tried again a couple days ago, like the first time, showed it was ordered and would come in my email. Once again, nothing came. So I have just been on the chat for the past half hour with Telus Support. First the guy tells me I have to contact Amazon. How is that going to help? My rewards account shows nothing was redeemed, how is Amazon going to help with that? Oh, okay, he looks into it some more and comes back and says "this kind of gift cards that we have are a limited gift card per day so that mean that the time that you try at that time is no available gift card so you have to do this early in the morning to get your $50 gift card" I said but the system said it was successful - if this is the case, why wouldn't it show an error instead of leaving you thinking the gift card was coming?  He said "maybe someone else was ordering at the same times as you" Again, seriously? This is ecommerce 101 - if you have a certain amount to "sell" the system shouldn't allow more orders than that to be placed... He said he is opening a ticket for tech support to make this happen....  As a consolation prize, he did give me some video coupons... 

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Are the Gift Cards physical cards that are mailed or are they E Certs?