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That feeling you get when you know a new phone is on the way can be as exciting as Christmas morning. There’s nothing quite like ripping open that crisp new packaging and being the first person ever to use it. There’s even that “new phone” smell.


We know that the wait can be excruciating and it’s no secret the process to get there isn’t always as quick and easy as making a trip to the nearest TELUS dealer and walking out with your new phone activated and ready to go. To assist you with this process, I’ve compiled some resources I think will help you from ordering to accessorizing, and everything in between.



Most flagship devices are available for pre-order the week before the official launch date. This is great to ensure you’re at the front of the line for the hottest new device, but if you’re like me and patience isn’t your strength, waiting can be painful. While waiting by the door every day sounds like a fun proposition (not), I would suggest using our online order tracking tool to keep tabs on your order. It's easy to use too!



If your previous phone used the same sized SIM as your new device, it’s as easy as removing it and placing the SIM into the new phone.


If your new device requires a different sized SIM or you are a new TELUS client, you will need to purchase a new one. We suggest ordering one at the same time as the phone, but if you forgot, you can easily order one online, or pick one up at the nearest TELUS Store.



Many of us store our life’s worth of information on our devices, which is why transferring that content to our new device is so important. When switching to a device with the same operating system, it’s as easy as a backup and restore. There is more involved in transferring the content if your new phone runs on a different OS. We have compiled a master list of instructions for most device swap scenarios in the Ultimate Guide to Transferring Content to Your New Phone.



By now you should have your device up and running. The difficult part is now familiarizing yourself with your new phone's nuances and sifting through the plethora of apps and tools available to it. I would suggest visiting a TELUS Learning Centre to get better acquainted with your new device.


A few things you could do with your complimentary session are:

  • Get assistance backing up your device
  • Download and install useful apps
  • Learn tips and tricks for your new phone
  • Set up email and text messaging

Visit a TELUS store for more information, or book your Learning Center visit online.



Now that your new phone is activated and ready to go, you should consider protecting it. Phone cases aren’t just an attractive accessory for your phone; they’re multi-faceted and can protect your device by shock-absorbing, waterproofing, and providing extra grip. Fitting your device with the right protective case for day-to-day use, or a special activity is the first step to preventing a damaged phone.


Purchasing an extended warranty is also a good option, as manufacturer warranties only cover hardware failure. TELUS Device Care and AppleCare+ extend the manufacturer’s warranty up to 2 years and add protection against accidental damage.


I am confident that the above tips will cover everything you need to know about setting up and activating your new device.


If you want to learn more about how to use your device, book an appointment at a TELUS Learning Center where a personal Rep will answer your pressing questions.


If you have any further questions, consider joining the discussion on our Neighbourhood forum.

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