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Reporting Spam

Here at TELUS we are constantly working to prevent spam texts and other fraudulent communications from reaching our customers. There are actions you can take as well to not only spot a spam message but to report it to our team for investigation. The main things to remember if you receive a spam text message are:


  • Forward the spam message to the shortcode 7726 (SPAM). If you're receiving more than one, we recommend putting 7726 into your contact list so it's easily remembered.
  • Don't respond directly to the number that sent you the spam text. This will alert the spammer that your number is genuine and active.
  • If you're not able to view the number or if it's email spam, forward us the entire message (along with the subject header if it's an email).


How To Forward a Spam Text From Your Phone To 7726



1. Touch and hold the message

2. Select More

3. Select the message you want to forward, then select the arrow in the bottom right corner

4. Enter 7726

5. Select Send


Android / Windows

1. Press the message (be careful not to activate / tap on a link)

2. Choose Forward (from the menu)

3. Forward to 7726


*Reporting spam to 7726 is free. Messages forwarded to 7726 don't count toward your data or Messaging bucket



iMessage Spam Reporting


The key difference between an iMessage and an SMS message is the colour of the text. An iMessage text appears in a blue bubble, whereas an SMS message appears in a green bubble. If the spam text you receive appears in green, you may need to report it using the steps above. If the spam is an iMessage and comes from someone not saved in your contacts, you'll see a message stating that "the sender is not in your contact list" and you'll have the option to Report junk.




Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected] with this information:


  • A screenshot of the message
  • The email address or phone number that sent you the iMessage
  • The date and time you received the spam iMessage


Android Spam Reporting


To report a spam message on your Android device:


  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Messages app
  • Touch and hold the conversation you want to report
  • Tap Block --> Report Spam --> OK

You can also open a conversation and report it as spam. From the conversation, tap More Options --> Details --> Block & Report Spam --> OK


Please note: This is for SMS/MMS spam only. If you receive email spam, it can be reported directly by forwarding it to [email protected]


If you have further questions about spam messaging or any other messages you receive, don't hesitate to ask the community at our Neighbourhood Forums or reach out to us over on Twitter or Facebook.



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