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How to Add a Fast Pass


If you’re running low on fast data, plan in advance and consider adding a one-time top-up of extra data to get you through your bill cycle. Fast Passes and data top-ups come in different sizes and auto-expire at the end of your current billing cycle so all you have to do is add it and forget it.


TELUS Peace of Mind Endless Data Plans

If you subscribe to an endless data plan, like our Peace of Mind and Peace of Mind Connect, and need more full-speed data until your next billing cycle, Fast Passes are available as an option.


How to add Fast Passes

From a computer:

  1. Login to your My TELUS account
  2. Click on the Usage tab
  3. Click on Add a data top-up next to the desired subscriber (if applicable)
  4. Select your desired pass and click on Complete your purchase

Using your mobile device:

  1. Open the My TELUS app
  2. Tap on the Usage tab
  3. Tap on Add a data top-up
  4. Select your desired pass and tap on Get add-on

Note: Fast Passes are available through self-serve services, including My TELUS, the My TELUS app, the TELUS Virtual Assistant, and by replying to SMS data notifications. Fast Pass purchases are not available through a TELUS representative.


Tips From The Experts

  • Our Neighbourhood experts have curated helpful tips on managing data usage for both Android and iOS devices. Be sure to check them out!
  • Fast Passes and data top-ups will be available until the end of the current billing cycle and won’t carry over to the next cycle.
  • If you’ve had a data-heavy month, keep an eye on your usage and look out for additional notifications to prevent pay-per-use charges.
  • Fast Passes and data top-ups can only be added up to 3 times (for each given amount) within each billing cycle.
  • In addition to managing data notifications, TELUS Data Manager offers a variety of tools that will help you manage your usage

For more information check out Adding Fast Passes on


If you have any more questions you can ask the community or direct message us on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook.



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