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automatic Telus texting offer/ survey to win 500 dollers?

Just Moved In

I kept getting a text msg saying if i participate in answering the survey i would be in a draw to win 500 dollers/ one year pre paid service.


has anyone won that? or is it a simple way to get your feedback on customer service etc...


Just Moved In

I notice someone has already made a topic *sms Survey* with no real answer :S besides * i hope you answered it! ...


Hi! How's going "john16420" Regarding to your question. I've received that (Text/msge/Survey too) I filled out the form, with 4-questions..I transcript it here for the TELUS membership.

1)Think of your more recent call to Telus. How would you rate the Client Care Agent performance(1- 2..-5)

2) Woul you agree that your inquiry, was resolved at the end of the call (Y/N)

3) It was this first time calling, about this particular inquiry (Y/N)

4) How would you rate the overall TELUS Client Care Dpt. (1-2..-5)

My guess is that only customer, with recent inquires, got this Tex/messge. That's give us more chance to win the (1yr. rate plan)

When it comes to statistics (or if is for real or how many users) have "Won a contest" I've no clue. So give it a shot "john16420" fill the form and let's wait for the results. ""The futures is friendly"" Cheers from  "v9"



@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?


It's the real deal. I know a few people who have won. 

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