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Wifi Calling and Whitelisting - imported phones


Hi everyone,


I recently purchased a Sony Xperia 5 IV XQ-CQ54 from the UK.  The phone works great with everything (with the exception of lacking the bands for 5G).  My only problem I am encountering is the fact that Telus still uses the archaic process of only allowing or whitelisting specific devices for WIFI Calling.


This means if you are not purchasing an authorized device make/model (which is generally limited to ones they have sold or currently sell), the features will not be accessible.  This is not a limitation of the phone, but rather a conscious choice by Telus.


Please consider opening this functionality up to all devices - a simple "not officially supported" caveat would be preferred to the approach of using a whitelist.  Other Canadian carriers support this, and many in other countries do. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

It's not an archaic process, it's the fact it's not an officially supported phone. Both in terms of hardware, software, security or technical support. When you purchase these phones the onus is on the end user, it's to be expected certain feature will not work.

I'd be interested in hearing why you feel it's reasonable to selectively allow only specified devices to use wi-fi calling when many devices not in that whitelist are perfectly capable of using it? Archaic because this is yet another practice that carriers in Canada have that do not exist universally.

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Even phones on their "officially supported list don't work". I have a pixel 4xl from Rogers. Can't use VOLTE. I upgraded to a pixel 6 from Telus...still no VOLTE. 3g is no longer in the US. When I was in the US, I couldn't make voice calls. It's actually now a safety issue when travelling. Soon it will be a safety issue in Canada.

Telus is unwilling to allow all phones to access wifi calling, and confirms they only want to support the phones on their limited list, generally consisting of phones they sell or have sold, despite other phones being able to use the feature.