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Why aren't Telus pay and talk customers treated equally?

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Why are Telus Pay and Talk Customers treated differently then Contract Customers? Your current advertisements #expectmore are false, at least for pay and talk customers they are. Why can't pay and talk customers receive upgrade trade in on old hardware when purchasing new hardware from Telus. Your current trade in program says "no minimum contract term is required but pay and talk customers have to sign into a month to month contract in order to receive trade in value for their old device (hardware). Telus is only interested in servicing contracted customers or signing in new customers to contracts. Pay and talk customers receive no Telus benefits and are treated like crap by Telus sales and customer care representatives. I want equal service for all customers! As a pay and talk customer I pay monthly just not in a contract. We deserve #expectmore but we don't get it because Telus is only interested in signing individuals into contracts. Many pay and talk customers are under 18 and cannot sign into contracts so pay and talk is there only option right now and treating them poorly isn't going to make them want to sign a contract with you in the future. All Telus customers must be treated equally by all Telus Sales and customer care representatives. Currently that is not the case.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Aside from the fact that trading in your hardware to the carrier is usually a poorer deal than selling it yourself, the two programs are meant to be different. All companies want to have customers in a long term commitment, and use many tactics to foster that allegiance. Since Pay and Talk customers have no future commitment to Telus through a contract, the incentives are different:

- Cost of entry is generally lower. The phones offered to Pay and Talk customers tend to be inexpensive models.

- Cost of ongoing usage is often lower. I maintain my Pay and Talk Service, including data for less than $13 / month taxes in.

- I can change my plan to a greater (or lesser) one at any time - I am not at all locked in

- Minutes roll over to the next month. Great for folks who use varying number of minutes per month. You only pay for what you use.

- Additional Data can be bought as needed, say if you are travelling.

You should not expect a low-cost service to offer the same options as a higher cost service, unless you want higher rates! Contract customers pay a premium to get the services they receive.


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