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Voicemail 25 vs Advanced Voicemail included in plan.

I have a couple of questions. First, what voicemail features come with a standard "unlimited" plan? For example, how long do the messages stay in your inbox, what is the message length maximum, how many messages can you save at once, etc. Also, when I looked at optional features, there is an addon called "Voicemail 25" for $5/month. What is included in Voicemail 25 that isn't included in the standard voicemail included with the plan?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall it was 3 messages. I opted for Visual Voice Mail, so they are all downloaded to my phone. Voicemail 25 stores 25 voice mails, and allows for multiple Greetings. In either plan, voicemail stay in the mailbox until deleted, or bumped by incoming voicemails.

Also look here.


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Following up here, the response is actually incorrect. I have found out that all current plans come with Voicemail 25. The addon is for customers who are on older plans that came with no voicemail, or more basic voicemail.