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I have a friend who is willing to buy my iPhone 5S, which I gave up in favour of the OnePlus One. Problem is that now that that I've already switched, the phone is apparently no longer registered to Telus. My friend, being on Wind Mobile, needs to unlock the phone. 


We went to Telus last week and asked an associate, but unfortunately she told me to call client care about it. Each time I've called them, it's been busy...So now I'm left wondering, what I should do? I know that unlocking via third party is an option, but they normally have a hefty price tag, especially when my friend is already buying the phone off me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest continuing to reach Client Care. Currently the old phone is still yours - you could be switching a SIM between it and your more recent purchase, for all anyone knows.  The client care folks should be able to give you a definitive answer.  Last time  I reached out to them at an odd-ball time, and reached them easily. Possibly that would be one way to shorten your 'on hold' time.


Hope this works out for you.

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Here is the key. Don't tell them you are selling your iPhone. Tell them you are keeping it as a backup and you also want to use it in the US so you need it unlocked. As long as you are past the first few months (can't recall the exact number) of your contract with the iPhone you should be able to request an unlock.

Try contacting them via Chat. I've had very good response using Chat.