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Terrible LTE service

Just Moved In

Is there anyone else around the Lloydminster area that has noticed the terrible LTE service? I've tested the speed and it isn't even a mb faster than 4G. I can sit by my window and I'm lucky to have 1 bar. My Samsung I was using was the same issue. But switch it to 4G and I have full bars


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Community Power User

I think you answered your own question > 1 Bar on LTE, poor speed.


The LTE tower sounds like it isn't he same one you are getting the 4G from. It's likely further away. There's no easy way to fix that. Call Mobilty and make sure they know about the problem with the LTE coverage in the area.

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Hopefully the issue will get better when TELUS rolls out it's 700mHz spectrum. The current spectrum isn't as effiecient and doesn't offer the same building penetration that the 700mHz sprectrum offers. I suspect that a lot of these issues will dissappear later this year.


Since it's like a coverage issue, I might suggest their network experience app to report the problem. It sends them all the data without calling just doesn't give you the two-way communication. Here's the info 

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