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Telus honouring sales pitches

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When I purchased my phone and became a Telus customer 1.5 years ago, i was ASSURED!  that my two year contract contained 2 year guarantee, and was encouraged to know that even if my otter-box failed within that 2 year period, there would be no questions asked, no hassle replacement, etc.


A couple weeks ago I dropped my phone in coals (not a full-blown fire), but warm coals - I retrieve it instantly and am happy to say that the otter-box saved the phone (a message read that the phone was too warm and would have to cool down... but things appear to be working fine).   I took my phone into the Telus store where I purchased it and they insisted that I needed the receipt - I asked them to look it up - they insisted that they can't look up any customers/contracts within the store. - I am only asking that the otterbox be replaced - it is still on the phone but it is in very rough shape, miss-shapen, etc. 


The Peterborough (Lansdowne Place) customer service team will not assist me.   And that is too bad.  My husband and daughter's contracts are coming due (another supplier) on Dec. 15 and I was in the process of having them join me at Telus, because I had never had any problems like they have with their current provider -- well - actually it turns out I never had any problems because I never tried to have the local Telus communicate with me .... 

please help, what do I do ? 



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Community Power User

Sounds like you got a stellar deal. OtterBox warrantees their product against manufacturing defects for only a year, as do most of the phone manufacturers. A 'no questions' guarantee is a bonus, however I can understand their asking for proof of purchase, and if my agency is an example, federal and provincial legislation would prohibit me searching for information containing one's personal information, so possibly Telus is similarly constrained.

EDIT: OtterBox has a 25% discount today, why not reward them for saving your phone from an untimely death by purchasing a fresh case?


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Have you tried reaching out to Otterbox directly? I have had good luck dealing with them directly in the past. 

I haven't heard of telus offering warranties for an extended period (2yrs) on accessories, so it's likely some service offered by the individual dealer (not corporate store). 

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Are you saying your phone and case was warrantied for 2 years or insured for 2 years? I can't think of any product warranty that would cover damage in a fire except maybe cookware and the like. Insurance is a different story however and like all insurance you need proof of coverage.


Thanks to Xray, NFtoBC and Dark_knight, the mobile manufacturer will obviously not cover your phone for this type of damage but OtterBox may see things differently. I would start by contacting OtterBox first and in regards to your mobile device, do you have an extended warranty plan for it?