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I have been with Telus for about 4 or 5 months I recently traveled to the states and went to turn my phone on well in the states and it said my sim had switched to an eSIM and I never switched it to an ESIM myself but I go to turn it on so I can use my number and it says it’s been deactivated and so I can’t turn it on but I also can’t access my physical SIM card and am now paying for my plan and in the states and unable to even use it. And I can’t call technical support because my sim is inactive somehow. And I tried the technical support chat and the guy said to power down and back on and he would email me and this was two days ago and he didn’t ever email me back and now it says there is no members available for technical support so I don’t know what to do because I’m not back in Canada until 2024 2nd week of January and I’ve been paying for my phone to not be able to use it


You should still be able to call 611 from that deactivated site and still reach Telus. SIM swaps are unfortunately too common of an occorance with Canadian carriers, regardless of the carrier. If you are using iMessage. You could pick up a T-Mobile prepaid SIM for now to use and you should still be able to get your texts from your Canadian number associated with your Apple ID. Hopefully nothing else has been compromised as a result of your SIM being changed without your permission.

It charged me an easy roam fee and wouldn’t let me call at all so that’s just lovely but I sort of fixed it. It says it’s a business sim now and doesn’t give me all my cellular options as to what I’m using my data for but whatever

When you get back to Canada. It might be worth visiting a Telus Store or calling support to make sure everything is correct with your account and SIM. Enjoy your time in America and have an amazing NYE!