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Reception and drop calls

Is this us or everyone has this issue with Telus in GTA area. Drop calls happen at least 5 times a day.
And poor reception and low internet speed is a daily routine now. Please let me know?
We have 12 lines and they all have the same issue.


As i know network issues can vary based on several factors, including the location, network congestion, and the condition of the devices being used. It's possible that the problems you're experiencing with Telus in the GTA area are specific to your location or could be more widespread. 

As someone who travels around the city a lot. Some areas are a lot better than others. Downtown specifically, is definitely not great! Dropped calls.. I think I might have a few a month, most of those from transitioning from outside to inside. Band 66 is a poor choice for a city with many large and tall buildings.

Speeds though, when you get decent reception, aren't bad. In a few places, I have seen speeds close to a Gigabit down and around 60Mbits up.