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Just Moved In
Been with Telus for a year now as a prepaid customer but every month I have to go into a Telus store to hook up service. Tired of going to the store to beg to have my phone hooked up again. Is there a way to reset an account on the Telus app?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You should be able to add a credit card to your account to be charged regularly, or enough money to act as a fund that the plan will take the renewal amount out of each month, etc. Have you spoken with our Mobility team about this?

Just Moved In
Telus wants a fee to use a credit card. Might as well just sign a contract then.

I bought a $100 top up Feb of last year, 2 days before my march was due and Telus took it all before it could pay for the march $28 fee! When I called the Telus store they said sucks to be you!

Last month I put 30 on top ups 3 days before it was due and I still had to walk in and get it reconnected.

If it happens again I’ll sign a contract with your competitor. A place that has customers service.