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Prepaid phone internationally

Just Moved In

I moved out of Canada. My prepaid phone number is hooked up with my bank and registered at many services. 

I am cut off because Telus don't have roaming for prepaid. It seems I would need to get a new Telus sim to even move to monthly plans. 


Is this the sad reality? Am I just generally **** over? Is there an organization I could file a complaint against Telus? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@gergelygjuhaszI can empathize with your situation. TELUS Pay and Talk service is available only in Canada (expand Terms and Conditions to view line 1), I'm afraid. 


You can change the service type to Post-paid at any time - which will enable international roaming - but we do require a phone call to do so: +1 416 940 5995.