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Poor Cell Reception at my house

Just Moved In

I was a Bell customer but had very poor cell reception. I tried to navigate through Bells website to find solutions. I was hours trying to get solutions but to no avail. So I switched to Telus. Same problem! I tried to navigate through the Telus website to get solutions but ran into the same problems. 

Bell nor Telus post on their website a category of Poor Reception. At one point I did get to an online tech but then the tech dropped out of the messaging. I was so frustrated at that point because it took me awhile to get there. Then I finally found a phone link. I called and left a message, they called back twice but guess what, they could not hear me because of the poor reception. I still have no resolution to my problem.

Years ago I had a company phone on Telus, it worked fine. What happened? It was the same model of phone that I have now. I find it hard to believe that in the era of advanced communication how hard it is to communicate with the two largest cell phone providers. The robot tech support was a lesson in futility. I will even partially pay for a solution if I could actually find someone to talk to at Telus. I left messages in numerous locations on the Telus site to have someone call me or email me. Still waiting!


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Community Power User

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your device, and it will use your home internet connection.

Thank you so much, I have enabled wifi calling and hope it will work. Can’t tell you how many hours it has taken me to get a response to even potentially solve this problem.
I come from the customer service industry, I would never put my customers through all of this to get an answer to a question.

Thanks again


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Just Moved In

Hi Dan,

I live in SE. Calgary and have the same problem. Poor connection, dropped calls etc.