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No service - no telus support

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I migrated to Telus 2 weeks ago and have no service since then. I have called Telus tech support 3 times and they weren’t able to fix my issue. My sin card is working in other cell phones and my cell phone is working with Rogers, Freedom and Bell card, only Telus is with no service. Apple said there is no issue with my cell phone as it is working with any other carriers. We tried to test other 2 telus sin card in my cell phone and they also didn’t work. Somehow Telus is blocking my phone. The support said my imei was on blacklist but the source carrier said it is not. Does anyone have an idea on how to proceed?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Drop into a Telus store and see what can be done.  I feel some information is missing to properly answer your issue. 


Are you the original owner of the phone?

Enter the EMEI of your phone on this website to check the status: