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No Service when using maps app


Hi all, thanks in advance for any help.  Ever since having gotten my current phone (over two years ago) as well as with my previous phone whenever I use the maps app (iphone) it will start and give me the directions but when I am driving suddenly the phone goes to "No Service" and the map no longer works, I can't get calls or texts etc.  In order to get service back I have to shut down the maps app and turn my phone off then back on in a few minutes.  I also tried using google maps app instead and it did the same.  This happens EVERY time I use maps on the telus network but when I have been driving in the U.S. and roaming on another service (AT&T, T-Mobile etc) I have had no issues at all.  Makes me believe it is a Telus there a chance Telus could be "throttling" my service only when using the map apps and it causes my phone to go in to no service mode?  Any thoughts on what this could be/how I fix it?  It may be a determining factor as to whether I go with another phone company as it is really annoying when I drive for work appointments or out of town.


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Community Power User

It has nothing to do with throttling in any way. If your phone says "No Service", that means it's losing the connection to the cellular network completely. There is a good chance it's something with the phone or the SIM card itself. Make sure your phone is fully up to date. Both iOS and the apps.


I've used Google Maps and Waze on my iPhone in areas in BC where there was no cell service at all. As long as I had a route already entered into the app while I had service or wifi access, it would usually download just enough data to cover the route, even if the graphics didn't all load while driving. It still routed me to my destination when I had no service.

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