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New customer. Scammed by Telus

I am a new customer with Telus after being a Koodo customer for many years. Telus called me in March with an offer that was really good. I accepted the offer but right away when the contract came through the amount per phone was $17 higher from what was discussed. I called back the sales rep and she said that a mistake was made and she was going to take care of it. I paid for the first bill that came through figuring that it would get adjusted on the next month....But that didn't happen. Then I got on the phone with a different rep that said she could help but the plan had to be $2 more per month higher on 3 of my lines that I didn't need a new phone for and the one line I did get a phone for had to remain at $17 higher because she couldn't honor the offer anymore, even after I forwarded her the email with the offer on it. And then the next bill I get charged an additional connection fee again because she made an adjustment to my plans. Then I call customer service and she says she can't honor the original plan either but she could waive the connection fee. And then a week later my next bill comes through and the connection fees are added again. I am not sure what to do next. I'm trying to run a business. I don't have time for this crap. I just want what I was offered. This is the thanks you get for being a Koodo/Telus mobility customer for many years.


There is a buyers remorse period.  If you are within the first 14 days of signing up.  You can change your mind and cancel everything.