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Monthly bills

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I'd like to know why some ppl are paying less then me for more service? Ie data

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Could be many reasons...

  • old legacy 3yr plans?
  • corporate/employer/large group purchase plans?
  • bundling with Optik TV?
  • they brought their own device?  You get a discount if you bring a fully paid phone with a Telus SIM.
  • share plans?
  • reduced coverage?  If you have no problem paying roaming charges IN Canada, you might get a discount.
  • are both including taxes?  Too often people will quote me a rate BEFORE taxes.  Unfair comparison.
  • did you request optional services?  Voice mail add's up.
  • what plan do you have now? Is your current plan too big or too small?

Care to specify how much they are paying, what's included in their plan and with which carrier? Without that information you won't get a meaningful answer.


That's the nature of promotions, loyalty offers and different pricing by province due to the different competitive dynamics. Exists in every industry around the globe, its not specific to telecom. 


You can even see it in something as mundane as the price of toothpaste, where the store is located (lease costs) will drive the price up. Ex: buying toothpaste in the downtown core of a city vs. out in the suburbs.

There is no loyalty you get what you get and what is with foreign people on *611 not racist but people need to have proper english

Community Power User
Community Power User

How is that not racist?

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