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Looking to end this problem.

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I am posting here as all my attempts yesterday and today have failed to reach customer service by phone and online, and I'm here to ask for an email to send this story below. When I returned the new Iphone 6S at the end of October and the rep in the store confidently reassured me that He would return my plan to the 70 bus and 35 sb share plan. He was stuck on hold waiting to get threw client services. I thought my 1st bill (november) after was high because of sim card or activation charges falling the recent Iphone 6s plus upgrade. I didn't have access to my online bill. Then the next bill was also even higher, at that point I new account rate plans weren’t restored like He reassured it would be that day. So this is my 3 day attempting to correct my account, 5 hours into  this trying correct rate plans on my account. I have incurred about 90$ in increase bill pro rated charges as a result of the in-action of the store rep. Bottom line is I was offered a deal, It wasn’t honored I then was put into a rate plan to allow 2 phone upgrades but when 1 phone was returned, I was then paying a lot more for the same service  (2 phone upgrade plans were still in place) I already had, I was going to ask for a credit for these charges but this bad experience (all my time wasted trying to contact via telephone numbers and online chat which turned out to look hope full but really was impossible) I waited 2 separate days in line for online chat, it went from 840 people and got stuck at 270 for an hour and a half. At that point I realized a that point that not only is telus not accepting calls but your making it seem like online chat is available but it really isn’t. I this point with all the time I have wasted on this, I want to know if I return the new I phone 6s plus, How much would it cost me to terminate my contract and all services.  2 days  and 5 hours waiting for of non existent customer service (and a call back that I requested but didn't get) is all that I can tolerate. I am a patient and non irate person, but I don't ever want to have to waste this much time again. 


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Community Power User
Bottom of page > Contact Us > Escalate your issue link near bottom of page.
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