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Little or no cell signal

When is Telus going to fix the lack of cell signal in the area around 152nd street and 24th avenue in South Surrey? For at least a year the cell signal has been very poor or non existent within about 6 blocks of this location. Also the area around 214th street and 92nd avenue in Langley.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Mantarraya Have you reported this to our tech support teams yet? I ask because it's the first of a multi-step process to help us identify problem areas. The gist of it is, the more reports of issues within a given area, the higher up the priority list they go in terms of planning. At the moment in time, I'm not seeing anything planned for the near term but are these high development areas that have grown over a short period?

We have lived in the South Surrey area for over 30 years. This is not a new high development area. There has not been new development in the area. There has been new development 12 plus blocks to the East but not in the area I am referring to.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you reported the issue to our technical teams yet?


Also, which device model do you use at home? Enabling Wi-Fi calling might be beneficial to you to fill the gap while we identify and fill coverage gaps.

Yes, I have reported it. I use an iPhone 12 Pro but the problem has nothing to do with my phone, my wife and many other people have the same problem in the area I described.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting it's the phone; I just wanted to see if it supports Wi-Fi calling (which it does) to help bridge any gaps.

In terms of network optimization, the more feedback we get in a certain area, the higher the priority it will see for improvement. 

I've reported on the map constantly for years in these areas. Nothing happens.

Just Moved In
100% agree with this. I have a TELIS phone because it works good on the hwys but other providers are catching up.

You need to please fix this or I’ll be forced to find another provider. I’ve lived here for 12 years and it’s silly it hasn’t improved over that time with the growth and development here.

Telus peninsula village, Morgan crossing and grandview corners are poor connections if any at all. They are supposed to be putting in a new cell tower sometime. When I don’t know. This is South Surrey