How should I deal with Telus?


So i've had quite a confusing experience. I pre ordered the Iphone 8 and charged it to my card. The order said it was approved and remained that way for about a week. A week later I see the money has been put back into my bank account. Having no explanation and thinking the order was declined since it wasn't paid for anymore, i simply ordered another Iphone. Another week passes and I get an email stating there's two identical orders on my number. I spend 3 days trying to contact them and when I finally do, I was told that my refunded phone was shipped two days prior. I did not receive a shipping email. I confirmed with the guy that I only wanted one phone and he again said it already shipped. Another week goes by and we're at 3 weeks now. Still no email or phone and I contacted another representative who informed me that my phone has not shipped and It's still processing. I am NOT a happy Telus customer. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can try escalating your issue at this link. Your post here reformatted to point form with any order number etc. you have received, should expedite your query.

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