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Home security and mobility

Just Moved In
Telus is an absolute joke. They have sent me a message on April 28th saying my appointment for may 1st was cancelled, and when I called they told me to ignore the message and that they were still coming. I then got another message today asking for me to confirm my appointment for may 1st which I did. Then about an hour later I get another message saying they Cancelled AGAIN. I called back and they told me that it was called because the technician was going for training.. The lady on the phone in the home security department told me she was going to make a note on my file so that I can get compensated for all the confusion, hassle and last minute cancellation. I called the department she gave me the number for and the guy on the line was extremely rude and ignorant. I was explaining that the lady in the home security was supposed to make a note on my account and he then proceededs to tell me very rudely there was no notes made on my account, and keep in mind I was talking to the home security people about an hour before I had this call with this guy. Absolutely not impressed and once my contract is over, I will be taking my business elsewhere because this is just absolutely insane . There is nothing professional about this company whatsoever. If anyone is thinking about going with Telus, all they are is head games and play around. 1000% do NOT recommend.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.