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Was wondering what kind of cell phone coverage you get in Flin Flon, MB. Was up there three years ago and my phone would not work at all. Every number I dialed--I got a busy signal. Someone later told me that Telus does not work up there. Looked at the coverage map and it shows that there is good coverage. Has something changed in the last three years 

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Three years ago MTS still existed. Most people from out of province had issues getting service from that network. MTS was bought out by Bell a year ago.


Telus doesn't have any towers in Flin Flon so you'd be reliant on the (ex-MTS) Bell tower there. In theory you should be able to get service there if you're using a phone purchased in Canada. In rural areas you may or may not have service depending on the phone you have, and if Bell has done any upgrades to the existing MTS towers.


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