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Cellular Coverage near Boyne Lake, Alberta

Just Moved In

The area in question is also called Floatingstone Lake Community.  This past summer, TELUS tried to sell me their 5G Internet service by claiming it was available in my area.  It did not work and I cancelled the plan after only 2 days of trying it out.  More recently I tried to upgrade my TELUS Security service at this same location to your SmartHome Security service.  Your representative told me over the phone that the service would work so long as I have access to the Internet.  I have access to the Internet, but not with TELUS.  On January 15th, I met your installer at the site (in minus 40 degree weather).  After setting up my SmartHome account he discovered it would not work because there is not adequate cellular phone coverage.  Cellular phone coverage has been an issue in the community especially for the cabins/houses at lower elevations closer to the lake.  This issue has been here for many years and appears to be getting  worse as time progresses.  I can understand the summer time being worse than the winter months because of tree foilage but this issue seems to get worse regardless of the time of year.    When is TELUS planning to upgrade the facilities so cellular coverage in this area is not an issue.  As time progresses more and more cabins are turning into permanent residences.  These residents are more and more reliant on cellular coverage as well as the Internet.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You can always find your location on our coverage map at and click on the green 'Report an issue' button to report it to our network team directly.