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Can't roam

Just Moved In
I have a pixel 4a and have easy roam enabled however I am unable to make a roaming connection in Germany. I have tried removing sim, checked Ap settings, turned phone off and on multiple times and even did a network reset at Google supports suggestion. Nothing works. Phone works perfectly in Canada but in Germany nothing works. Manual connection attempts fail as well.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you checked your carrier settings to make sure they are set to Automatic? If set to a specific carrier, you can’t connect to any other one.

Easy Roam is simply a billing option, your phone should connect to other networks whether you have it or not.


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Friendly Neighbour
NFtoBC commented that east roam is just a billing option. I don’t have an android anymore so I can’t give specific menu direction but I would check a few things:

On your device, as NFtoBC indicated make sure cellular network selection is automatic. Next, many devices will have an option to turn roaming on or off. Obviously, make sure that is enabled.

I’m new to Telus so I’m not sure about this but I’ll throw it out there in case. On my former carrier, I could disable certain options such as roaming on the network side, through my carrier app. In the MyTelus app, I see something called “blocks” under the data management options. Perhaps make sure there are no blocks in effect?