$60 10 gig plan and Apple Watch


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Can a moderator tell me two things.
1. I am an existing client with an Apple Watch plan . Will I be able to get this plan and will I still be able to keep my Apple Watch plan. Please respond as I have been sitting on hold for over 5.5 hours now
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No, the BYOD plan is not a share plan, and not eligible to have the Apple Watch added.


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Obviously you haven’t tried.

The 10gb plan works with the watch.


The watch has its own 1gb data, so even though it won’t share your non-share 10gb, it will happily use its 1gb it comes with, while still sharing your voice/text from primary number.

Not quite as good, since the watch won’t touch the 10gb of data. But 1gb is still plenty for the watch as it mostly sips data

Mine is working fine

Is this still working for you? I have this plan and they delinked from my apple watch as it was a nonshare plan - it had been working fine. Now the watch is listed as an orphan watch with its own phone number but it won't take call or receive them when away from the iphone. 

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For that issue you will have to contact Telus. Telus had said originally that the Apple Watch would not be usable with a non-sharable data plan.

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