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I just received my new to me phone.  I have figured out where the sim card goes in, and have plugged it in to charge the battery.  How long should it be charged?

Don't know how to activate it, and am a complete newbie!  I managed to get a training time-should I try to activate or just bring my old phone and this one on that day?

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Community Power User

Charged? Like any other device, fully charged is a good place to start.

Activate? If you have an active Telus Mobility phone / account and have the Telus SIM, you could try online though I suspect phoning in may be simpler.

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Hi Sandy!


As mentioned by Nighthawk fully charge the device, and if you are activating a new sim card you can go to and set it up, or if the sim card from your previous device is compatible you can just swap sims! 


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