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Wifi Calling Suddenly Not Working




I have had to use Wifi calling at home and school as service is poor in these locations. Yesterday, I came home to find my wifi calling was suddenly not working. I have tried to restart my phone, reset my network settings, turn on and off airplane mode, turn on and off wifi calling - nothing works. My phone is up-to-date with the latest iOS.


I called the support number and their solution was to try to fix the poor service, but I live in a basement suite so that has not been any help (I have accepted that the service is just consistently poor regardless of provider). Has anyone had this before and found a solution? Super frustrating as I either have to use WhatsApp/Messenger to make calls or go outside as of now.


Thank you in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! We actually were just notified of a network issue impacting Wi-Fi Calling earlier this morning. It's impacting a number of clients, but our team is already actively working on resolving it.